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Allied Health


Dr. Kim Lian Rolles-Abraham

Senior Principal Clinical Psychologist

Head of Therapy Services

DPsych (Clinical Psychology)

PgDip (Psychology)

BA (Psychology)

A Singaporean with mixed heritage, Kim has resided in Singapore for most of her life and is familiar with both the local school system as well as the international school system. She completed her Bachelor of Arts (extended major in Psychology) from the University of Queensland, Australia. Subsequently, she completed her Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology at Murdoch University, Australia. Kim then completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at James Cook University, with a doctoral dissertation focusing on recovery in eating disorders.


As part of her doctorate program and work, Kim has completed clinical attachments in several different settings such as community clinics, private and government hospitals, as well as the Singapore prison service. She has conducted both individual and group psychotherapy in both inpatient and outpatient settings. In the course of her work, she has seen individuals with a variety of psychological issues, including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, adjustment disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, specific phobias and family/relational issues.


Kim particularly enjoys working in adolescent and adult mental health, and has a special clinical and research interest in the area of eating disorders– her doctorate dissertation focused on defining recovery in eating disorders and what that means for individuals who have/had an eating disorder. Throughout the course of her thesis, she worked with various stakeholders in the field of eating disorders such as mental health professionals, caregivers and patients. Along with her colleagues, she is responsible for chairing clinic-run support groups for both individuals struggling with an eating disorders as well as their caregivers. With the growing demand of such services in Singapore, she is extremely passionate about making mental health care more accessible for such individuals.


Apart from her specific expertise and interest in eating disorders, Kim also enjoys work relating to mood and anxiety disorders, as well as adjustment disorders. She understands that transitions in life such as role/job changes, losses, pregnancy, parenthood, beginning/ending of relationships, migration etc. can be particularly stressful, and she seeks to journey emphatically with individuals through these changes. Over her years of practice, she has gained experience working with couples (BGR/marital issues) as well as parents. Additionally, she is passionate about working with the offending population, and did so in the past as part of a multi-disciplinary team, providing psychotherapy and counseling for the prison inmates at the Changi prison.


While a large part of Kim’s work involves engaging in one-to-one psychotherapy, she also works closely with her clients’ family members where possible, and conducts couple and family work to facilitate systemic healing and growth.


Another facet of Kim’s professional practice involves providing clinical supervision for fellow mental health professionals, and is currently a sessional teaching staff and clinical supervisor for the Masters/Doctorate clinical psychology programme at James Cook University, Singapore.


Kim has received training in a variety of psychotherapeutic interventions, with a large emphasis on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). She practices with an integrative approach, incorporating aspects from Schema Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Attachment theory. As a believer that the acquiring of knowledge is an ongoing process, Kim is constantly expanding and updating her knowledge and expertise in the different modalities of psychotherapy by attending courses and conferences relevant to her work, as well as engaging in peer and supervisory consultation.


Most importantly, Kim believes firmly in the importance of developing and maintaining a good therapeutic relationship with each individual she journeys with. She commits to practicing ethically and professionally (as per code of ethics by the Singapore Psychological Society), providing them a safe space to address and heal from the most painful of issues. She is fluent in English and basic Mandarin.


As the head of therapy services at Better Life, Kim aims to continue to build a team culture of openness, passion and collaborativeness. She is proud to work with each and every member of her team and looks forward to targeting mental health on a larger scale with them through projects, trainings and workshops.


Finally, as a mother of three beautiful girls, Kim enjoys the company of her family, friends, pets, and good books. She strongly believes that each and every individual has the potential to overcome their difficulties and lead a happy and meaningful life!





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Dion Lo Zhen Yu

Senior Clinical Psychologist

Deputy Head of Therapy Services

PhD Candidate (Psychology)

MPsych (Clinical)

Member of Singapore Psychological Society

Registered Psychologist (Singapore)

BA (Hons)(Psychology)

Dion strongly believes in a transdiagnostic approach to therapy. He integrates elements from Schema Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in his therapeutic approach. Fluent in both English and Mandarin, he has conducted psychotherapy and assessments in private, hospital and forensic settings. He works well with clients from the young to the old, but has a special interest in working with children and adolescents. In the course of his work, he works well with individuals with a variety of psychological issues, including:


  • Mood disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Obsessive compulsive disorders
  • Psychotic disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD)
  • Specific phobias
  • Identity issues
  • Personality disorders
  • Family/relationship issues


Dion is also proficient in psychological testing and assessments. He has been conducting psychological assessments since 2012, and is familiar with assessments of intelligence, attention, academic achievement, executive functioning, and motivation.


Dion currently conducts the following psychological assessments for both children and adults in these areas:


  • Cognitive abilities (i.e., IQ test)
  • Attention issues such as ADHD
  • Phonological abilities
  • Reading, writing and arithmetic abilities


Dion is a firm believer of continuing education and is currently a PhD Candidate in Psychology. He is also a sessional lecturer for Evidence Based Practice (Clinical Psychology) in James Cook University (Singapore). Over the past decade, he has been involved in research regarding the following:


  • Aggression
  • CBT
  • Schema therapy
  • Parental warmth and psychological control
  • Infidelity
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Positive Psychology
  • Personality
  • Basic Psychological Needs
  • Goal Strivings


In recognition of his academic excellence, Dion was awarded the academic medal for his master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. He was also awarded the Golden Key International Honour (Top 15% of university) in 2018.


Dion also believes in giving back to his alma mater and has conducted talks for both Hwa Chong Institution and Nanyang Technological University (NTU). He has been appointed the Vice President (Psychology) for NTU School of Social Sciences Alumni Association Executive Committee since 2018.



Academic medal (Clinical Psychology)

Golden Key International Honour (2018)

NTU School of Social Sciences Outstanding Alumni Award (2022)

NTU School of Social Sciences Alumni Service Award (2022)



Smartphones: Friend or Foe? (NUH; 15th Feb 2019; 1 – 2PM)

Building Psychological Resilience (NTU; 25th November 2020; 7.30pm -8.30pm)

Eating Disorder: Role of a Psychologist (Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association; 4th October 2022; 7.30pm – 8.30pm)


Everyone struggles at some point in their lives, and it is my belief that everyone could benefit from having a little more support. It takes courage to step forward to seek that support, and I hope to be able to be of aid to these courageous individuals as they navigate through the challenges that life may bring.


I spend my free time exercising, studying coffee, and playing with my dogs. I also like video games, superheroes, and these are things I have always been interested in since I was a child. I believe we all have an inner child, one that requires consistent nurturance and guidance throughout our lives in order to forge resilience and improve our quality of life. Whilst some of us may have been fortunate enough to have had adult role models and superheroes during our developmental years, others have not. As such, I am a strong proponent of helping people gain emotional awareness and improve expression of their feelings to assist in their journey in living better.


I hope to have the opportunity to work with you, and that through our collaborative efforts, we can both be living better.

Better Life Clinic | Dr Adaline Ng | Psychologist

Dr Adaline Ng
Senior Principal Clinical Psychologist 

Registered Psychologist, Singapore 

Member of Singapore Psychological Society 

Member of Australian Psychological Society 

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical)

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Psychology 

Dr Adaline Ng is a clinical psychologist by training and has more than 15 years of experience in the helping profession. Trained and experienced in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Schema-Focused Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dr Adaline Ng is passionate about helping individuals who struggle with mental health issues (e.g., depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction) and personality difficulties (e.g., borderline personality, antisocial personality). With a background in criminal justice as well, she has treated those with problems pertaining to violence (e.g., domestic violence, general aggressive behaviours), sex offending, substance-use, and other criminal behaviours.


Dr Adaline Ng has extensive experience in helping individuals with longstanding, complex psychological problems. Her clinical experiences moulded her understanding of the change process – how to motivate an individual to change, how to support efforts at change, and how to maintain the change.  Dr Adaline Ng adopts a non-judgemental, client-centred approach in her work. She believes that unconditional positive regard and validation for the client are integral in a successful therapeutic relationship.


Dr Adaline Ng is proficient in intelligence testing, assessments of memory and cognitive abilities, and personality assessments. She has experience in medico-legal assessments as well. She is also trained and qualified in the use of evidence-based tools for assessing criminal behaviours.


Dr Adaline Ng’s notable achievements include heading the psychological services of a civil service department, in a directorship role. In that capacity, apart from managing a team of psychologists, Dr Adaline Ng also advised on policies pertaining to the assessment, management, and treatment of psychological and behavioural problems. In addition, she provided professional consultation to other civil service departments, social service agencies, and criminal law advisory committees. She previously taught at National University of Singapore as well.


Dr Adaline Ng currently holds an academic appointment in Clinical Psychology at James Cook University, where she teaches and supervises postgraduate students, and conducts research. Additionally, she provides psychological services to various organizations.


In her free time, Dr Adaline Ng enjoys writing songs and jamming with her Chinese rock band. Her band released an album in 2006 and has performed at various events and venues, including the annual Hua Yi Festival at The Esplanade.

Dr. Chaw Jia Hui, Yvonne

Senior Clinical Psychologist

Doctorate of Clinical Psychology

Licensed Psychologist (USA)

Dr. Chaw Jia Hui, Yvonne, attained her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the United States of America (USA). She is currently a licensed clinical psychologist in the USA after completing her Postdoctoral Fellowship Training Program at Brown University and passing her licensing examination. 


Dr. Chaw has worked in multiple settings including Singapore Prison Service, community mental health center, and medical centers (inpatient, outpatient, partial hospitalization program). She is experienced in providing individual and group therapy for a range of psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, trauma, obsessive and compulsive disorder, grief, adjustment disorders, and borderline personality. Dr. Chaw is particularly interested in working with adults struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts, self-harming behaviors, or emotion regulation more broadly. Apart from her experience in providing specialized treatment for emotional dysregulation, she has also completed her doctoral dissertation focusing on comparing the efficacy of treatment protocols for major depressive disorder and what makes them effective. 


Dr. Chaw strongly believes that everyone deserves a safe space to share their feelings and thoughts. Hence, she is dedicated to bringing compassion and empathy into the therapeutic relationship as she supports individual explorations of life challenges, what matters to them, and empowering them in their journey towards a fulfilling life. To do this, Dr. Chaw integrates different treatment approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing to better meet the unique needs of every individual. Having worked with a diverse population in the USA, she has also developed a deep appreciation for diversity issues (e.g., religious beliefs, racial identity, and sexual orientation) and how these may impact one’s well-being.


Given her commitment to the integration of science and practice, Dr. Chaw remains active in research activities to better assess mental health needs and to develop better treatments to improve mental health outcomes. She is currently collaborating on a few research projects with Brown University and other researchers around the globe.


In her free time, Dr. Chaw enjoys watching comedies and action movies, listening to music, and spending time with her family, friends, and dog. She also loves hiking and exploring different places, food, and cultures!

Dr. Goh Ci An
Senior Clinical Psychologist 

Registered Psychologist, Singapore (Singapore Register of Psychologists)

Member of Singapore Psychological Society 

Registered Psychologist, United Kingdom (Health and Care Professions Council, UK)

Doctor of Clinical Psychology

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Psychology 


Dr Goh Ci An is a licensed clinical psychologist who has working experience in both Singapore and the United Kingdom (UK). His clinical expertise encompasses the treatment of various mental health conditions including mood disorders (e.g., depression), anxiety, phobia, sleep disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, stress, grief, and trauma.


Dr Goh obtained his Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) from the Singapore Management University (SMU). He attained his doctorate in clinical psychology from the UK and is a certified clinical psychologist there. During his time in the UK, he worked in multiple settings including community and private mental health clinics, government hospitals, and children’s clinics. Dr Goh has also published his doctoral dissertation in the field of online gaming and mental health.


Upon returning to Singapore, Dr Goh practiced in the public healthcare sector and has worked with clients across the age spectrum with various mental health difficulties. He has helmed several leadership roles and was awarded the best performing allied health professional (2018) in his organisation. He is a registered psychologist on the Singapore Register of Psychologists and is committed to upholding the ethical and professional standards in his practice.


Dr Goh is trained in multiple therapeutic modalities. He works in an integrative manner, incorporating aspects from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness based therapies (e.g., Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), Psychodynamic Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.


Essentially, Dr Goh firmly believes in the value of a strong therapeutic relationship and therefore adopts a client-centred approach in his work. He holds the view that every life matters and is worth investing in. He endeavours to help clients break free from the psychological barriers which constrain them from living healthier, stronger, and fulfilling lives.


During his free time, Dr Goh enjoys the company of his family and friends, a good movie, the occasional video game, and sports. Dr Goh is dedicated to helping every individual enhance their quality of life and develop the necessary skills to respond resiliently to life’s challenges.

Dr. Kate Gardner

Senior Educational and Clinical Psychologist

PhD (UConn), EdM (Harvard)

Licensed Psychologist (New York)

Dr. Kate Gardner is an American clinical and school psychologist working with children, adolescents, young adults, and parents. She is a Licensed Psychologist (New York, USA) as well as a Nationally Certified School Psychologist (USA). Dr. Gardner is skilled in conducting comprehensive psychoeducational assessments to help identify learning and behavioral needs, including giftedness, social, emotional and personality features, inattention, impulsivity, & executive functioning. Her years as a school-based practitioner affords her valuable understanding of how schools utilize data from psychoeducational assessments to design educational programming for children, which makes her a strong advocate for finding ways to support student needs within the school setting.


Dr. Gardner completed her Master’s degree in human development at Harvard University and her Doctoral degree through the APA-accredited school psychology program at the University of Connecticut. She has extensive training and experience supporting children and adolescents with anxiety and mood disorders, challenges around social cognition (e.g., Autism Spectrum Disorder) and difficulties with regulation and executive functioning (e.g., Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). She is a skilled therapist for concerns relating to self-esteem, gender identity, trauma, disordered eating and bullying. Dr. Gardner provides warm support to parents struggling to develop effective parenting techniques and is able to provide co-parenting counseling to parents who may be separated or divorced. She works closely with clients and their families to uncover the reasons behind dysfunctional behavior and is an effective collaborator with multidisciplinary teams when psychological support needs to be coupled with medical interventions.


Dr. Gardner holds full memberships in the Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, Division 53 of the American Psychological Association, and the National Association of School Psychologists. She is also a Credentialed Psychologist by the National Register of Health Service Psychologists (USA).


Dr. Daniela Schreier

Senior Clinical Psychologist

Psy.D., ABBP

Board Certified in Clinical Psychology

Clinical and Forensic Psychology

Daniela Schreier, Psy.D., ABPP is a Board-Certified Clinical Psychologist by the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) and a Registered Psychologist (SRP) with the Singapore Psychological Society (SPS). Dr. Daniela is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology (AACP), and a member of the American Board of Clinical Psychology (ABCP), the American Psychological Association (APA), the Illinois Psychological Association (IPA), and the SPS.


Dr. Daniela is trained in clinical, forensic, correctional, and multicultural psychology and licensed in Illinois, Hawaii, and Kansas, USA, and Singapore. She founded S.M.A.R.T. (Stress Management and Relaxation Therapy) Living LLC –a well-established boutique practice in the heart of Chicago, USA a decade ago – where she serves a diverse clientele.


Dr. Daniela is a professor of clinical and forensic psychology, a published author and she serves frequently as media expert. With a professional background in psychology and international business and PR, Dr. Daniela worked and lived in Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, the United States, and India. She experienced diversity firsthand and provides culturally sensitive therapy. As keynote speaker and facilitator, Dr. Daniela has successfully helped individuals and organizations transform their lives and business cultures to a vibrant and growth-oriented ambiance.


Dr. Daniela speaks German, Italian and English fluently, French, Malay, and Spanish colloquially. She provides individual and couples therapy, life coaching services, and stress and relationship management for individuals, couples, and corporations. She focuses on clients and patients who experience private and professional transition periods; relationship and partner challenges including separation and divorce. Dr. Daniela’s clinical approach is holistic, builds on Western and Eastern principles and adapts to your lifestyle.


“Each client, couple, and corporation is unique and worthy of custom-tailored solutions.  You deserve it, and I care!” – DrD

Gurpreet Roshan Singh 

Senior Clinical Psychologist  

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) 

Master of Clinical Psychology  

Gurpreet Singh is a qualified Clinical Psychologist who possesses a wide breadth of clinical experience working with individuals with varying needs across the lifespan. He completed his undergraduate degree in Psychology with first class honours and was awarded a place in the Golden Key Society (top 15% of university) for his academic achievements. Subsequently, he graduated with a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and has practiced in both a hospital and forensic setting. Gurpreet also served as the Deputy Head of the Paediatric Psychological Services at the National University Hospital (NUH).  


While Gurpreet has worked with people of all age groups, his interest lies particularly in working with children, adolescents and their families. He adopts a preventative stance to mental health and believes that the cultivation of mental well-being habits during the formative years of a child’s life has a profound positive impact on development. He also advocates that a young person’s behaviours are an expression of their underlying, unmet needs.  


Gurpreet’s expertise encompasses treating a variety of psychological disorders and supporting those with challenges which negatively impacts emotional-health. This includes individuals who present with: 

  • Depression
  • Anxiety Disorders (e.g., social anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder)
  • Trauma
  • Eating disorders
  • Personality Disorders
  • Psychosis
  • Adjustment Issues
  • Somatic Disorders
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Stress
  • Coping with Medical Conditions
  • Parenting and Family Issues
  • Behavioural Difficulties
  • Emotional Regulation Difficulties
  • Social Difficulties
  • Screen time Issues
  • Identity Issues

Gurpreet uses a transdiagnostic, integrative approach when treating individuals by drawing on his expertise in a range of therapeutic modalities such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Schema Therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT).  He tailors evidence-based treatments to the specific needs of individual clients to provide a truly customised approach to psychological therapy.  


Gurpreet is also proficient in administering psychological assessments. This includes assessing for: 

  • Cognitive abilities (i.e., IQ test)
  • Attention Issues such as ADHD
  • Reading and Writing Difficulties

Gurpreet has also conducted research to explore the relationship between excessive use of social media and stress management, an arising issue of our current times. He also conducted a study on positive psychology, specifically exploring well-being measures that can aid in evaluation of treatment planning and outcomes.  


Gurpreet is a firm believer that every individual deserves a safe, non-judgmental space to feel heard and to express their feelings. He practices a strengths-based, person-centered approach and believes it is imperative to empower individuals to help heal emotional wounds so that they can lead meaningful lives.  He feels that it is important to acknowledge a person’s unique strengths and weakness and believes that the therapeutic process can be a place to not only share difficult experiences but also positive ones too, as the sharing of positive experiences are integral to empowering the individual to develop their own coping mechanisms to overcome their difficulties. Gurpreet hopes for every client to believe that recovery is possible despite their struggles and that with the right support, they can lead a flourishing life.  


Gurpreet holds the view that everyone faces challenges in their lives and could benefit from having therapeutic support to foster healthy coping mechanisms to protect their well-being. He strives to create a space of co-production with every client where they are guided to navigate their own recovery by helping them to make sense of their experience. Gurpreet is also passionate about fostering emotional literacy particularly for his younger clients as he feels that gaining an understanding of one’s own emotions is a powerful tool for promoting self-acceptance. 

In his free time, Gurpreet enjoys cycling and hiking. He values his physical well-being and finds it to be a critical component of maintaining his own mental well-being. He enjoys travelling and is a certified diver. He is also an avid reader and movie enthusiast. 



Lin Xiangbin

Senior Clinical Psychologist

PhD Candidate

Master of Psychology (Clinical Psychology)

Bachelor of Social Sciences, Honours (Psychology)

Registered Psychologist, Singapore

Full Member, Singapore Psychological Society

Qualifications and training

Xiangbin has a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. He is also currently a PhD candidate, studying the integration of religion and spirituality with psychotherapy in Singapore. Xiangbin has received advanced training in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Solution-Focused Therapy, and clinical supervision. He is also trained in specialised psychological assessment and treatment of physical aggression and problematic sexual behaviours. He is a Full Member of the Singapore Psychological Society and a Registered Psychologist in Singapore.


Professional experiences

Xiangbin served as a psychologist in the criminal justice setting prior to entering the private sector. He spent his foundational years working directly with individuals with mental health difficulties, and clients undergoing rehabilitation for offences associated with physical aggression and problematic sexual behaviours. As a senior psychologist, he supervised teams of psychologists in the same areas.

Xiangbin was also involved in policy reviews, specialist consultation to the ministry, and the development of several assessment instruments and department-wide protocols. He also attended an overseas attachment in the UK and represented the department at local and overseas conferences. Xiangbin has published articles in peer-reviewed journals and co-authored book chapters. For his contributions as a psychologist, he was conferred a study award for post-graduate studies in Clinical Psychology, and a National Day award by the Minister.


Therapy experiences and approach

Xiangbin has more than a decade of experience providing psychotherapy to clients. He has worked with young children and their parents, teenagers, tertiary students, working adults, as well as older adults. He has had the privilege of supporting clients through difficulties in emotion/mood regulation, personality/interpersonal difficulties, aggressive behaviours, problematic sexual behaviours, and psychosis. Drawing from his own experiences of juggling commitments towards work, family, and his own well-being, Xiangbin is also passionate in supporting individuals navigating work-life demands.

Xiangbin takes on a person-centred approach in therapy. He is grounded by evidence-based therapeutic orientations such as Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and Solution-Focused Therapy, and supplements this approach with elements of Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness practice. Overall, he strives to provide psychotherapy that is holistic, respectfully integrating important aspects of his clients’ lives, such as their religious and cultural beliefs, as appropriate.


Personal life

Xiangbin is personally inspired by individuals who hang on in the face of adversity. His belief that everyone deserves to be well motivates his work. He enjoys interacting and learning from his clients and those around him as he navigates his own journey as a son, a husband, and a father. 

In his free time, Xiangbin enjoys taking long and slow jogs. His favourite moments of each day are often the adorable sight of his sleepy-eyed children waking up in the morning and when he tucks them to bed at night. By far, he considers a peaceful and relaxed meal with his wife (sans the kids) as a rare treat in his current phase of life.    


Acacia Lee Hui Xian
Senior Clinical Psychologist 

PhD Candidate (Psychology)

MPsych (Clinical)

Member of Singapore Psychological Society

Registered Psychologist (Singapore)

BA (Hons)(Psychology)

Acacia is a registered clinical psychologist. She completed her Bachelor in Psychology (Honours) at Nanyang Technological University and her Masters in Clinical Psychology at James Cook University. As a strong believer that scientific research informs clinical practice, Acacia is currently a psychology PhD candidate at Nanyang Technological University, and is expected to graduate in early 2023. Her research interests lie primarily in the field of mental health and its associations with one’s social relationships.


As part of her clinical training and work, Acacia has worked with individuals in school, hospital and community settings. She works well with individuals across the lifespan but has a special interest in working with young children and their families. In the course of her work, Acacia has worked with individuals with a range of issues such as mood and anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, eating disorders, psychotic disorders, phobias, stress and adjustment difficulties, identify formation and relationship difficulties, parental training and child behavioral issues. Acacia is trained in various therapeutic modalities including Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Schema Therapy.


Fluent in English and Mandarin, Acacia integrates elements from various therapeutic approaches and adopts a tailored person-centric approach. With compassion and empathy, Acacia creates a safe and warm place for individuals to express their emotions and navigate life’s challenges and difficulties.


Acacia is also proficient in conducting neuropsychological assessments in areas including but not limited to, cognitive and executive functioning, attention, academic achievement and personality. Through assessments, in addition to understanding one’s weaknesses, Acacia believes it is as important to identify one’s strengths which can serve as important psychological resources in coping.


In her free time, Acacia enjoys learning new skills and hobbies, such as embroidery, stamp making and baking. She also loves exploring new places with her family and pet dog.


Jerlyn Ang

Senior Clinical Psychologist

Master of Psychology (Clinical)

Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours (Psychology)

Registered Psychologist (Singapore)

Full Member of Singapore Psychological Society

Jerlyn is a registered clinical psychologist with a masters in clinical psychology. Her clinical expertise spans across an extensive range of presenting issues, including but not limited to, depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD), psychotic disorders, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), tic disorders, bipolar disorders, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), somatic disorders, gender dysphoria, relationship difficulties, deliberate self-harm, and suicidal behaviours. Jerlyn is trained in different therapeutic approaches, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. She is eclectic and process-based in her approach.


While Jerlyn has experience working with individuals across the lifespan, she is particularly passionate about working with children, adolescents and their families to help them navigate through life’s challenges. Prior to joining Better Life, Jerlyn served as a clinical psychologist at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH). As part of a multi-disciplinary community mental health team at KKH, she conducted mental health assessments and provided intervention for children and adolescents. She also worked closely with schools and parents whom she understands forms an integral part of the child’s or adolescent’s life. 


Jerlyn is also proficient in administering psychological assessments for cognitive abilities (i.e. IQ test), attention issues (i.e. ADHD), academic achievement (i.e. reading and writing difficulties), and adaptive functioning behaviours (i.e. special school placements).


Through her years of experience, Jerlyn advocates for creating a safe and non-judgemental space for clients to work through their difficulties. She believes in empowering her clients by equipping them with skills to live a meaningful and valued life. Jerlyn understands that the needs of every individual are unique and different, and hence takes on a person-centred therapeutic approach. Jerlyn is warm and collaborative, and seeks to journey with her clients and help them move towards their therapeutic goals.  


As a mother of three children, Jerlyn thoroughly enjoys spending time with her children and creating shared experiences with them. She understands the challenges and unpredictability of motherhood, yet appreciates the joy that comes with the responsibility. Jerlyn values connection with people through the different seasons of her life, and hopes that she can journey through life with you too.


Yih Shian Goh-Poremski

Principal Dietitian & Nutritionist

BSc (Hons) Nutrition & Dietetics

MSc Psychiatry

Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietician


Yih Shian graduated from University of Sydney, Australia, with a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition & Dietetics in 2007. She has worked in various settings such as clinical dietetics, food service management, education, and community health services. She has experience working with clients of all ages and conditions. Her experience with dietetics in the clinical setting led her to develop an interest in eating disorders. After working with the Singapore General Hospital’s eating disorder clinic, she decided to pursue her Master’s degree in Psychiatry at Cardiff University in 2009.


Her multi-disciplinary education allows her to approach her clients with methods that vary from traditional dietetics. She collaborates with clients to heal their relationships with food and achieve their goals. As a Health at Every Size® advocate, Yih Shian approaches health and lifestyle issues with a non-judgemental, non-diet mentality. To better serve her clients, she regularly updates herself and seeks certified courses where possible. She has completed training for multiple counselling methods such as Motivational Interviewing and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. She is a certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietician (CEDRD). She is the first to achieve the CEDRD status in South East Asia.


Yih Shian is an accredited member of the Singapore Nutritionist and Dietetics Association (SNDA), International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals, and the chairperson of the Eating Disorder Interest Group within SNDA.

Loo Sook Ming

Loo Sook Ming

Senior Principal Family Therapist 

MSc (Family Therapy)
B.Soc.Sci (Hons) (Social Work)
B.A (Psychology & Social Work)

Sook Ming graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Social Work from the National University of Singapore. She has worked in the restructured hospital for about 15 years, journeying with patients suffering from psychiatric illnesses by providing counselling and support to them and their caregivers in their journey towards recovery.


She was awarded sponsorship by the hospital, to pursue her master’s degree in Family Therapy at King’s College, London in 2006. One of her attachments was with the Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders Outpatient Service in the Maudsley Hospital. After her return, Sook Ming started her specialisation work with eating disorder patients and their families. 


In 2014, Sook Ming received the Healthcare Humanity Award that recognises outstanding healthcare workers who are inspirational role models for going the extra mile to offer care and comfort to the sick and infirmed. In the same year, she was also awareded the Health Manpower Development Programme by the Ministry of HEalth, to do her attachment at the Stanford University School of Medicine, USA, to be trained in Family-Based Treatment (FBT) for the treatment of eating disorders. 


Sook Ming is a qualified family and systemic psychotherapist who counsels people with marital and interpersonal problems. Coupled with her training in social work where the profession promotes social change, problem solving in human relationships and the empowerment and liberation of people to enhance well-being, she utilises theories of human behaviour and social systems, to provide support to patients and their families who have difficulties coping with their emotional, psychological, social, and care problems arising from ill health. 


Sook Ming is also a certified Advance Care Planning (ACP) for General ACP and Preferred Plan of Care (PPC), where she can facilitate discussions with patients and their loved ones to identify patients’ care goals and preferences for future medical care. She is also trained to attend to crisis work and provide support to grieving families of patients where death is impending. 


Sook Ming is a registered Social Worker and supervisor with the Singapore Assoication for Social Workers (SASW). She wears many professional hats; apart from being a family therapist in Better Life, and a supervisor to medical social workers, she also teaches in the university.  


Sook Ming is a mother of 2 and she enjoys spending time wiht her family and friends. She loves travelling and baking. She believes families are the fundamental building blocks of society and family is hwere we experience our biggest triumphs and our feepest vulnerabilities. It is where we lears to love ourselves and each other, and to feel the value of being part of something greater than ourselves.

Suriyah Bte Mohamad Razip


Master of Guidance and Counseling (MGC)

Bachelor of Psychology (BPsych)

Su has a master’s degree in Guidance and Counselling. She has provided counselling in a community setting to young children, teenagers, working adults and families. Some of the nature of cases that she has worked with includes bullying, adjustment issues, exam stress, social anxiety, and interpersonal/relationship issues. 


Throughout her work experience in the healthcare and mental health settings, she understands that the needs of every individual are unique and different. Hence, she believes in supporting her clients by empowering them with skills and knowledge tailored to their needs. Su also believes in developing her professional and personal self continuously by updating herself regularly through attending certified courses. To date, she has completed basic training for Cognitive- Behavioral Therapy, from CBT Australia and is in the process of applying as an associate member with the Singapore Association of Counselling. Overall, she strives to provide a non-judgmental and holistic mental support for her clients that integrates important aspects of her clients’ lives, such as cultural beliefs and values, where appropriate. 


Prior to counseling, Su has had extensive exposure to patient care as a clinic assistant in a tertiary institution. Su’s experience in healthcare also extends to her previous roles in nursing – she aided in the operating theatre as an anaesthetist nurse, as well as carried out health screening in private clinics and tertiary institutions. 


Su is a mother of 4 children between the ages of 11 and 17. In her free time, she enjoys reading books on personal development, halal food hunting on road trips to Malaysia and spending quality time with her family and friends.

Nandita Karthikeyan

Associate Psychologist 

Bachelor of Science (Psychology) 

Nandita Karthikeyan is an aspiring clinical psychologist. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Psychology with First-Class Honours from the University of Bath in the UK, during which she completed her undergraduate dissertation (thesis) exploring the effects of early-life trauma on the brain.


Nandita has experience in a variety of settings including the social services and special education, through which she received formal and informal training in a variety of therapeutic skills and modalities including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. She is passionate about helping individuals of all ages from different backgrounds overcome life’s challenges, with specific interests in eating disorders and mood disorders.


In addition to her clinical work, Nandita has embarked on research opportunities. Notably, she completed a 1-year research placement with New York University (2019-20), with work accepted at conferences in the UK and US. Her extensive research experience has inculcated a value for rigorous research in ensuring accountability and quality in clinical practice.


Nandita’s professional philosophy is guided by the belief that psychological practice is patient-centric and collaborative in nature. She hopes to build strong therapeutic relationships with clients based in compassion and non-judgment to create a safe environment for all to share their honest thoughts and experiences.


Nandita values artistic expression as her main means of self-care. During her free time, Nandita enjoys watching movies and shows from different countries. She is an avid traveler and enjoys nature, having explored parks and hiking routes in Singapore and abroad. She recently picked up embroidery and painting after sustaining a knee injury. She has also been learning traditional Indian dance since she was 5 years old, which continues to inspire a deeper connection to her culture.