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Important Announcements

Important Announcements

With effect from 15th May 2021:




As of 15th May 2021, Better Life remains open as an Essential Service Provider. Teleconsultations with our Therapists will remain available as well. Measures such as SafeEntry, health declarations and temperature screening for all patients and accompanying visitors will continue to be in place for contact tracing purposes. Your safety is always our priority. In accordance with the Ministry of Health (MOH) guidelines, the following measures have been implemented.


  1. Any visitors, patients and staff who are serving Quarantine Orders (QO), Stay-Home Notice (SHN) and/or who are close contacts* with any COVID–19 patient will have to either postpone their appointment or switch to teleconsultations. Our clinic staff will work closely with you to facilitate this.

*Close contact is defined as people who are within 2m and spend a prolonged period of time, about 30 minutes or more, with the individual


  1. For collection of medication, kindly inform the clinic in advance (at least one to two days before collection). Do note that our clinic staff may suggest/recommend alternative days for collection in order to prevent overcrowding and ensure safe distancing in the clinic. We seek your kind understanding regarding this.
  1. Only ONE (1) accompanying person per patient is allowed to enter into the clinic.
  1. All visitors and patients are required to scan in/out via the SafeEntry app, and complete a health declaration form upon entry to the clinic.
  1. All visitors and patients must wear their masks throughout their time in the clinic.
  1. Please note that visitors and patients who display sign(s) & symptom(s) of respiratory infection (i.e., coughing, running nose) and/or fever will not be allowed to enter the clinic.

We strongly encourage all visitors and patients to practise good physical hygiene and safe distancing during their time in our clinic. Please call 62508077 or email for more information. We seek your kind understanding and cooperation regarding the above measures. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience as a result of these measures.


The Better Life Team