Better Life | Dr Abishek Abraham, Dr Tina Tan, Dr Kamini, Dr Kim Lian Rolles-Abraham, Dr Adaline Ng, Dr Goh Ci An, Dr Chaw Jia Hui, Dion Lo Zhen Yu, Xiangbin Lin, Acacia Lee Huixian, Gurpreet Singh, Jerlyn Ang, Goh Yih Shian, Loo Sook Ming
Meet our multidisciplinary Better Life Clinic team. Psychiatrists: Dr Abishek Abraham, Dr Tina Tan, Dr Kamini, Dietician: Goh Yih Shian, Clinical Psychologists: Kim Lian Rolles-Abraham, Dr Adaline Ng, Dr Goh Ci An, Dr Chaw Jia Hui, Dion Lo Zhen Yu, Xiangbin Lin, Acacia Lee Huixian, Gurpreet Singh, Jerlyn Ang
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Dr. Abishek Mathew Abraham
Senior Consultant Psychiatrist 

MB BCh BAO, LRCP & SI (NUI, Ireland)
MMED (Psych) (NUS, Singapore)
MRCPsych (RCPsych, United Kingdom)

Dr. Abishek Abraham is a Consultant Psychiatrist who obtained his medical degree from the National University of Ireland. He subsequently received his specialist training in the field of psychiatry across various hospitals in Singapore including the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), Singapore General Hospital (SGH), the Kandang Kerbau Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKWCH) and Changi General Hospital (CGH). He completed two psychiatry postgraduate qualifications, being conferred both the Master of Medicine (Psychiatry) Degree from the National University of Singapore and the Membership with the Royal College of Psychiatrists, United Kingdom.


Dr. Abraham has a wealth of experience managing a wide range of psychiatric conditions in both Singaporean and International patients. His main area of clinical interest is in mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and psychotic disorders. He has extensive experience in managing illnesses in adults as well as those in the child and adolescent age category.


Having most recently served as a consultant psychiatrist and Director of Psychiatry Inpatient Services at CGH, Dr. Abraham has played a leading role in several key department initiatives, including the establishment of the first inpatient psychiatry ward protocols at CGH. He has also previously served as a Visiting Consultant with the Child Psychiatry department at KKWCH and is presently continuing in a similar role at CGH to run Adolescent Psychiatry clinics.


Teaching has also been an important part of Dr. Abraham’s work in psychiatry both locally and abroad, having served as a Clinical Lecturer with the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore and an Adjunct Instructor with the Duke-NUS School of Medicine Psychiatry programme. He was also a Physician Faculty Member with the National Healthcare Group Psychiatry Residency programme. Outside of Singapore, he was also a Course organiser/workshop trainer as part of the Singapore International Volunteers (SIV) Specialist Team in collaboration with the Singapore International Foundation (SIF), conducting workshops to train psychiatrists in Surabaya, Indonesia over the course of 3 years.


Dr. Abraham has also been active in the Singapore Psychiatric Association, having previously held the position of Vice President and Honorary Secretary. He has also received numerous awards, including the Singapore Health Quality Silver Award in 2018. He has been involved in research during his career in the fields of adolescent Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder and deliberate self-harm in adolescents. He is fluent in English and Bahasa Melayu as well as being able to converse in simple Mandarin.

Dr. Kamini Rajaratnam

Senior Consultant Psychiatrist


Dr. Kamini Rajaratnam is a passionate and patient-centered psychiatrist with 12 years of experience. She is committed to providing compassionate, holistic and evidence-based care to her patients.


She graduated with an MBBS degree from the National University of Singapore and obtained the Membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK). She is an accredited psychiatrist with the Specialist Accreditation Board, Ministry of Health Singapore and a registered psychiatrist with the Singapore Medical Council. She is trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy(MBCT), Mindful Motherhood program, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-i), the Bringing Baby Home program by the Gottman Institute and is a member of Postpartum Support International.


She practised for 12 years as a medical doctor in the general medical, surgical and psychiatry departments of several public hospitals (National University Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore General Hospital and Alexandra Hospital) before practising as a psychiatrist at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH).


Through the course of her career, she has gained extensive experience treating patients in the inpatient wards, forensic wards, outpatient clinic, child and adolescent clinic, emergency department and high dependency unit at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH). Here, she noticed that there were patients who needed more than psychotropic drugs to facilitate their recovery. Thus, she set off on a journey to expand her armamentarium and create a unique evidence-based practice to address her patients’ concerns.


She trained in mindfulness-based therapies, nutritional psychiatry and nutritional and environmental medicine and learned that a plethora of other issues can contribute to and perpetuate mental illness. Through this she is able to curate a treatment plan that incorporates holistic aspects into the traditional psychiatric treatment plan. This plan prioritises your wellness and working with not just you, but the allies in your life to put you on the road to recovery. YOU will always be in the driver’s seat of your recovery journey.


She is especially passionate about perinatal psychiatry and loves to work with women facing emotional issues during and after pregnancy. 1 in 7 women suffer from postnatal depression and 80% of women experience mood disturbances in the postpartum period. 20% of women experience mood disturbances during pregnancy. As a mother, the challenges of pregnancy and motherhood resonate only too well with her. She has made it her mission to guide mothers who are facing emotional difficulties or on the brink of burnout, to make the changes necessary to reach their optimal health and functioning. She’s certified in the Mindful Motherhood programme and Bringing Baby Home programme and she uses these powerful tools in combination with other interventions and medication when necessary.  If you have been feeling increasingly overwhelmed, experiencing mood disturbances, anxiety, insomnia, irritability and fatigue, there is help available. Don’t lose hope. You are not alone, you are not to blame and with help you WILL feel better. Take the first step to getting better and schedule a consultation.


Dr. Tina Tan

Consultant Psychiatrist

M.D. (Duke-NUS, Singapore)

MRCPsych (U.K.)



Dr. Tan is a Psychiatrist with experience in treating a diverse range of mental health conditions, particularly in the elderly, working adults, and young adults. These conditions include, but are not limited to, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, grief, insomnia, psychosis, stress, adjustment issues, and burnout. She has a special interest in caring for those in the middle and latter stages of life, and has extensive expertise in managing persons with dementia, or other memory-related conditions. She is knowledgeable in the assessment of mental capacity, LPA certification, and conducts home visits for eligible patients who are homebound. Dr. Tan is passionate about promoting positive work-life balance and family values. 


As part of her specialist training in psychiatry, Dr. Tan practiced in a variety of hospital settings across Singapore, including the Singapore General Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, and National University Hospital. She also trained and practiced as a psychiatrist at the Institute of Mental Health, where she has experience managing complex cases in both the inpatient and outpatient settings, and has conducted home visits for clients who are homebound. She was formerly a Visiting Consultant with IMH, where she ran the Memory Clinic service, and is currently a Visiting Consultant with Allium Care Suites.


Dr. Tan believes in the education of the next generation of doctors and medical leaders. She was actively involved as an Adjunct Instructor at her alma mater, Duke-NUS Medical School, and has previously served as adjunct teaching faculty for the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine and the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine. 


Dr. Tan is currently a Council Member of the Singapore Medical Association (SMA), Editor of SMA News, and is a member of the Clinical Ethics Committee for Thomson Medical Centre. She is also a member of the Singapore Psychiatric Association. She has given webinars on mental wellness, and contributed opinion pieces on mental health to SMA News, Straits Times, and Channel News Asia. 

Dr. Syed Harun Alhabsyi

Consultant Psychiatrist

MBBS (S’pore), MRCPsych (UK), FAMS (S’pore)

Dr Syed Harun Alhabsyi is a Consultant Psychiatrist with an interest in treating general psychiatric conditions from young adults to the elderly, for both local and expatriate communities. He treats mood disorders, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, adjustment disorders, psychotic disorders, and neurodevelopmental and neurocognitive disorders. He also performs forensic psychiatric evaluations, power of attorney evaluations and mental capacity assessments.


He holds international memberships with the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, American Psychiatric Association and Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK). Locally, he is Fellow of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore under the College of Psychiatry.


He was formerly Visiting Consultant with the departments of General Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatry at the Institute of Mental Health, and a uniformed Consultant Psychiatrist with the Singapore Armed Forces. He has also trained in several psychiatric departments in restructured hospitals including Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Changi General Hospital and National University Hospital, and the rotated through Adolescent, Addictions, Emergency, Forensic and Geriatric Psychiatry departments at the Institute of Mental Health.


Having worked as a Regular Medical Officer and psychiatrist with the SAF Medical Corps and Psychological Care Centre for more than a decade, he is also well-established locally as a military psychiatrist and in dealing with the complex mental health-related concerns in uniformed services, both in a conscript and regular environments.


He was an adjunct teaching faculty at Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, a lecturer in Counselling courses within the SAF, and supported the training of both junior and senior Psychiatry Residents in the national specialist training programme.


Dr Syed Harun volunteers his time as a mental health advocate in the youth, social services sector and community space. Beyond clinical intervention, he believes that meaningful change in discourse of mental health can be had through systemic public health interventions and regular community engagements.


Dr. Eugene Wuan

Senior Consultant Psychiatrist

MBBS (S’pore), MRCPsych (UK), FAMS (Singapore)

Dr Eugene Wuan is a psychiatrist with over twelve years of experience in the field. He obtained his medical degree from the National University of Singapore. As part of his specialist training, he has rotated through several public hospitals, including the Institute of Mental Health, the National University Hospital, Singapore General Hospital, and Changi General Hospital. He completed his postgraduate psychiatry qualification and is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (United Kingdom), and is an accredited psychiatrist with the Specialist Accreditation Board (Singapore).


He has spent his career as a specialist psychiatrist in the public sector serving in Changi General Hospital (CGH). As part of his clinical work, he has extensive experience treating psychiatric conditions including, but not limited to Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Psychotic Disorders, Adjustment Disorder, Stress, Burnout, Personality Disorders, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. He has experience managing illnesses in adolescents, adults and the elderly.


He has held the title of Director of Psychiatric Inpatient Services in CGH for several years. As part of his work in the role, he has managed patients with severe mental illness requiring inpatient hospitalization, overseen the multidisciplinary ward team which includes doctors, nurses and occupational therapists, and helped formulate the ward processes, ensuring smooth operations of the ward even during the Covid-19 pandemic period.


He holds a special interest in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. As part of his inclination towards psychodynamic perspectives and values, he believes strongly that one’s intra and inter-personal struggles are often intertwined with his or her values, experiences, and relationships both past and present. Assessment and treatment of his patients would thus incorporate holistic exploration of their issues and experiences, understanding them as unique individuals beyond their diagnoses, and helping them gain self-understanding and work through their difficulties, apart from the prescription of medications.  Having served as an integral member of the Psychodynamic Team in CGH since he started working there, he has helped in setting up the Complex Needs Service, which treats patients with personality disorders and difficulties with individual and group psychotherapy. He has undergone training in ISTDP (Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy), a unique form of psychodynamic treatment that facilitates resolution of a broad spectrum of emotional disorders, as well as group psychotherapy training with the Institute of Group Analysis (IGA, UK). He has more than 7 years of experience in practicing individual and group psychodynamic psychotherapy, and continues to do so, both in Better Life, and as a Visiting Consultant with CGH. As part of this work, he has also served as a leader of Balint Groups for both Psychiatry trainees and for General Practitioners, which helps promote psychodynamic thinking in their interactions with patients. He has also published several papers on Balint Groups and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in peer-reviewed journals.


He has also been extensively involved in education of medical students, junior doctors, family medicine residents, Psychiatry trainees, and counsellors during his time in public service, having most recently held the academic titles of Clinical Senior Lecturer with NUS-YLL School of Medicine, Clinical Assistant Professor with Duke-NUS Medical School, and Physician Faculty Member for both the National Psychiatry Residency Program and the Family Medicine Residency Program in Singapore. He has also served as a Psychodynamic Faculty member with the national Psychiatry residency program, which oversees education of Psychiatry trainees in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. He has several years of experience in conducting supervision for trainees and psychologists in their practice of psychodynamic psychotherapy, and in providing clinical supervision for trauma counselors.


As part of his work in Consultation Liaison Psychiatry, he has developed an interest in Psycho-dermatology, and has co-helmed the Skin Support Clinic with his dermatologist colleagues, which assesses patients with co-existing dermatological and psychiatric conditions, for several years. He has also spearheaded initiatives to enhance training of inpatient nurses on common psychiatric conditions, as well as to train outpatient nurses to provide telephone support to patients in between their psychiatric appointments.


He also is a keen advocate for occupational mental wellness. He has co-chaired the CGH Workplace Safety and Health Focus Group against abuse of hospital staff, which comes up with and implements measures to reduce and deter physical, verbal and sexual abuse of CGH staff on a hospital-wide level, as well as to bolster psychological support measures for staff who have been victims of abuse. He has also served as an Employee Engagement Workgroup committee member, which looks into issues that have a bearing on staff morale and wellbeing on a hospital level.


He is fluent in English and Mandarin, and has conducted talks on mental health for hospital colleagues, general practitioners and the public. He has experience treating patients in both the local and international expatriate community.