Better Life | Goh Yih Shian, Dr Lee Ee Lian, Pearlene Lim, Kim Lian Rolles-Abraham
Meet our multidisciplinary Better Life Clinic team. Senior Consultant & Psychiatrist: Dr Lee Ee Lian, Dietician: Goh Yih Shian, Psychotherapist: Kim Lian Rolles-Abraham, Psychologist: Pearlene Lim.
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Our Team

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Dr. Abishek Mathew Abraham
Consultant Psychiatrist 


MB BCh BAO, LRCP & SI (NUI, Ireland)
MMED (Psych) (NUS, Singapore)
MRCPsych (RCPsych, United Kingdom)


Dr. Abishek Abraham is a Consultant Psychiatrist who obtained his medical degree from the National University of Ireland. He subsequently received his specialist training in the field of psychiatry across various hospitals in Singapore including the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), Singapore General Hospital (SGH), the Kandang Kerbau Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKWCH) and Changi General Hospital (CGH). He completed two psychiatry postgraduate qualifications, being conferred both the Master of Medicine (Psychiatry) Degree from the National University of Singapore and the Membership with the Royal College of Psychiatrists, United Kingdom.


Dr. Abraham has a wealth of experience managing a wide range of psychiatric conditions in both Singaporean and International patients. His main area of clinical interest is in mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and psychotic disorders. He has extensive experience in managing illnesses in adults as well as those in the child and adolescent age category.


Having most recently served as a consultant psychiatrist and Director of Psychiatry Inpatient Services at CGH, Dr. Abraham has played a leading role in several key department initiatives, including the establishment of the first inpatient psychiatry ward protocols at CGH. He has also previously served as a Visiting Consultant with the Child Psychiatry department at KKWCH and is presently continuing in a similar role at CGH to run Adolescent Psychiatry clinics.


Teaching has also been an important part of Dr. Abraham’s work in psychiatry both locally and abroad, having served as a Clinical Lecturer with the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore and an Adjunct Instructor with the Duke-NUS School of Medicine Psychiatry programme. He was also a Physician Faculty Member with the National Healthcare Group Psychiatry Residency programme. Outside of Singapore, he was also a Course organiser/workshop trainer as part of the Singapore International Volunteers (SIV) Specialist Team in collaboration with the Singapore International Foundation (SIF), conducting workshops to train psychiatrists in Surabaya, Indonesia over the course of 3 years.


Dr. Abraham has also been active in the Singapore Psychiatric Association, having previously held the position of Vice President and Honorary Secretary. He has also received numerous awards, including the Singapore Health Quality Silver Award in 2018. He has been involved in research during his career in the fields of adolescent Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder and deliberate self-harm in adolescents. He is fluent in English and Bahasa Melayu as well as being able to converse in simple Mandarin.

Better Life Clinic | Dr Lee Ee Lian | Senior Consultant & Psychiatrist

Dr. Lee Ee Lian

Senior Consultant & Psychiatrist


MBBS, MMed(Psychiatry), FAMS


Dr. Lee Ee Lian graduated from Medicine, National University of Singapore (NUS) in 1985. She was subsequently conferred the Master of Medicine (Psychiatry) degree in 1990, and attained her specialist accreditation in 1998.


She first worked in the field of Eating Disorders in 1988 at the Gordon Hospital (Charing Cross & Westminster Psychiatry Rotation) in London, UK. Her overseas exposure extends to the University of Toronto/Toronto General Hospital (1997-1998) where she completed a Clinical Fellowship in Eating Disorders and Mood Disorders. She also completed Health Manpower Development Fellowships at Stanford University (Family-Based Treatment),UCLA (Obesity Management/Eating Disorders), and the University of Hawaii (Motivational Enhancement Therapy).


Having a special interest in Eating Disorders, Dr. Lee then founded the Eating Disorders Programme at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH), of which she was the first Director. She was also the former Clinical Director of the SGH LIFE Centre, where she is currently still practicing at as a Visiting Consultant. Apart from Eating Disorders, Dr. Lee’s other areas of interest are Mood Disorders and General Psychiatry. Dr Lee sees patients who are turning 13 this calendar year and older, and adults.


Dr. Lee is also a member of the Singapore Medical Association, Singapore Psychiatric Association (Past President), ASEAN Federation for Psychiatry & Mental Health (Past President), and the Academy for Eating Disorders.

Better Life Clinic | Dr Adaline Ng | Psychologist

Dr Adaline Ng
Senior Principal Clinical Psychologist 


Registered Psychologist, Singapore 

Member of Singapore Psychological Society 

Member of Australian Psychological Society 

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical)

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Psychology 


Dr Adaline Ng is a clinical psychologist by training and has more than 15 years of experience in the helping profession. Trained and experienced in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Schema-Focused Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dr Adaline Ng is passionate about helping individuals who struggle with mental health issues (e.g., depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction) and personality difficulties (e.g., borderline personality, antisocial personality). With a background in criminal justice as well, she has treated those with problems pertaining to violence (e.g., domestic violence, general aggressive behaviours), sex offending, substance-use, and other criminal behaviours.


Dr Adaline Ng has extensive experience in helping individuals with longstanding, complex psychological problems. Her clinical experiences moulded her understanding of the change process – how to motivate an individual to change, how to support efforts at change, and how to maintain the change.  Dr Adaline Ng adopts a non-judgemental, client-centred approach in her work. She believes that unconditional positive regard and validation for the client are integral in a successful therapeutic relationship.


Dr Adaline Ng is proficient in intelligence testing, assessments of memory and cognitive abilities, and personality assessments. She has experience in medico-legal assessments as well. She is also trained and qualified in the use of evidence-based tools for assessing criminal behaviours.


Dr Adaline Ng’s notable achievements include heading the psychological services of a civil service department, in a directorship role. In that capacity, apart from managing a team of psychologists, Dr Adaline Ng also advised on policies pertaining to the assessment, management, and treatment of psychological and behavioural problems. In addition, she provided professional consultation to other civil service departments, social service agencies, and criminal law advisory committees. She previously taught at National University of Singapore as well.

Dr Adaline Ng currently holds an academic appointment in Clinical Psychology at James Cook University, where she teaches and supervises postgraduate students, and conducts research. Additionally, she provides psychological services to various organizations.


In her free time, Dr Adaline Ng enjoys writing songs and jamming with her Chinese rock band. Her band released an album in 2006 and has performed at various events and venues, including the annual Hua Yi Festival at The Esplanade.

Better Life Clinic | Kim Lian Rolles-Abraham | Psychotherapist

Dr. Kim Lian Rolles-Abraham

Principal Clinical Psychologist


DPsych (Clinical Psychology)

PgDip (Psychology)

BA (Psychology)


A Singaporean with mixed heritage, Kim has resided in Singapore for most of her life and is familiar with both the local school system as well as the international school system. She completed her Bachelor of Arts (extended major in Psychology) from the University of Queensland, Australia. Subsequently, she completed her Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology at Murdoch University, Australia. Kim then completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at James Cook University, with a doctoral dissertation focusing on recovery in eating disorders.


As part of her doctorate program and work, Kim has completed clinical attachments in several different settings such as community clinics, private and government hospitals, as well as the Singapore prison service. She has conducted both individual and group psychotherapy in both inpatient and outpatient settings. In the course of her work, she has seen individuals with a variety of psychological issues, including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, adjustment disorders, post traumatic stress disorders, specific phobias and family/relational issues.


Kim particularly enjoys working in adolescent and adult mental health, and has a special clinical and research interest in the area of eating disorders– her doctorate paper focused on defining recovery in eating disorders and what that means for individuals who have/had an eating disorder. Throughout the course of her thesis, she worked with various stakeholders in the field of eating disorders such as mental health professionals, caregivers and patients. Along with her colleagues, she is responsible for chairing clinic-run support groups for caregivers of individuals with eating disorders.


Apart from her specific expertise and interest in eating disorders, Kim also enjoys work relating to mood and anxiety disorders, as well as adjustment disorders. She understands that transitions in life such as role/job changes, losses, pregnancy, parenthood, beginning/ending of relationships, migration etc. can be particularly stressful, and she seeks to journey emphatically with individuals through these changes. Additionally, she is passionate about working with the offending population, and did so in the past as part of a multi-disciplinary team, providing psychotherapy and counseling for the prison inmates at the Changi prison.


While a large part of Kim’s work involves engaging in one-to-one psychotherapy, she also works closely with her clients’ family members where possible, and conducts couple and family work to facilitate systemic healing and growth.


Another facet of Kim’s professional practice involves providing clinical supervision for fellow mental health professionals, and is currently a sessional teaching staff and clinical supervisor for the Masters/Doctorate clinical psychology programme at James Cook University, Singapore.


Kim has received training in a variety of psychotherapeutic interventions, with a large emphasis on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). She practices with an integrative approach, incorporating aspects from Schema Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and attachment theory. As a believer that the acquiring of knowledge is an ongoing process, Kim is constantly expanding and updating her knowledge and expertise in the different modalities of psychotherapy by attending courses and conferences relevant to her work, as well as engaging in peer and supervisory consultation.


Most importantly, Kim believes firmly in the importance of developing and maintaining a good therapeutic relationship with each individual she journeys with. She commits to practising ethically and professionally (as per code of ethics by the Singapore Psychological Society), providing them a safe space to address and heal from the most painful of issues. She is fluent in English and basic Mandarin.


As a mother of two beautiful girls, Kim enjoys the company of her family, friends, pets, and good books. She strongly believes that each and every individual has the potential to overcome their difficulties and lead a happy and meaningful life!


Dominic Chong

Senior Clinical Psychologist

M Applied Psych (Clinical) (Murdoch)

B Soc Sci (Hons)


Dominic is a registered Clinical Psychologist and approved clinical supervisor with the Singapore Psychological Society.  He has more than 15 years of experience in the helping profession and is passionate about helping individuals who struggle with their own mental health issues or are experiencing a particularly challenging period in their life.  He provides assessment and therapy to adults, children and adolescents, couples, and families on a broad range of issues including but not limited to mood and anxiety difficulties, recovery from trauma, managing chronic pain and diseases, parenting and attachment difficulties, relationship difficulties as well as stress, adjustment, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Adopting a non-judgemental, client-centric approach, Dominic has been able to support his clients (both males and females) through the healing process.  He also firmly believes in maintaining a safe therapeutic alliance so that clients can learn skills to create positive sustainable changes in their lives.  Working collaboratively with the clients’ medical professionals and families, he draws from his training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and Schema Focused Therapy to provide a well-structured, evidence-based therapeutic response suitable for clients’ needs.


Dominic is certified and has experience in forensic risk assessment as well as providing treatment for individuals with offending behaviours (e.g., addictions, violence, sexual violence). Prior to joining the private sector, he was working in the criminal justice sector (for adults and juvenile) as a psychologist.  Dominic is also proficient in administrating standardised psychological evaluation (e.g., academic/literacy assessments, adaptive behavioural assessments) to better understand the social, emotional, academic, and behavioural needs of a child.


Moreover, Dominic is qualified to deliver Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD), a structured method of helping groups of people who have gone through traumatic events to process their stressful experiences.  He has also accumulated rich experience in treating people who have been traumatised vicariously in their line of work (e.g., professionals working with child abuse victims).


Dominic aspires to positively impact the next generation of psychologists vis-à-vis his role as an adult educator.  He holds concurrent appointments as an Adjunct Lecturer with James Cook University and an Associate Instructor with Singapore University of Social Sciences.  In addition, Dominic is a clinical supervisor for clinical psychology graduate students.


Yih Shian Goh-Poremski

Senior Dietitian & Nutritionist


BSc (Hons) Nutrition & Dietetics

MSc Psychiatry


Yih Shian graduated from University of Sydney, Australia, with a Bachelors degree in Nutrition & Dietetics. As part of her curriculum, Yih Shian had undergone internships in various settings such as clinical dietetics, food service management and community health services. Her experience with dietetics in the clinical setting led her to develop an interest in eating disorders. After working with the Singapore General Hospital’s eating disorder clinic she decided to pursue her Masters degree in Psychiatry at Cardiff University. While studying in Wales, she was fortunate to have worked with the Cwm Taf Health Board eating disorder team.


Her multi-disciplinary education allows her to approach the dietetic counselling of her clients in an optimal way to help integrate healthy eating behaviours. Other than clinical dietetics, Yih Shian has participated in several public health campaigns in Singapore. She has conducted both individual and group healthy lifestyle sessions for patients, family and the general public. An avid health advocate, Yih Shian approaches health and lifestyle issues with passion. She aims to motivate and assist individuals and communities to make important quality lifestyle decisions and behavioural changes that will last a lifetime.


Healthy lifestyle can be delicious, fun and entertaining!


Yih Shian is a member of the Singapore Nutritionist and Dietetics Association (SNDA). She is also a certified Intuitive Eating counselor.


Jade Jang

Senior Educational Psychologist

MAAP (Educational Psychology)

B Soc Sci (Hons)


Jade has accumulated over 15 years of experience working with children, adolescents and their caregivers.  Prior to joining private practice, she was working at Child Guidance Clinic, Institute of Mental Health, where she specialised in providing evidence-based interventions for children and adolescents with mental health disorders, including and not limited to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Anxiety, Depression, Panic Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Selective Mutism.  Jade has experience using a variety of therapy modalities, such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Structured Teaching, and Social Thinking, in both group and individual settings.  She is also proficient in conducting screening and diagnostic assessment for ASD, as well as intellectual, academic/literacy, and adaptive behavioural assessments.


Jade believes in treating all clients, regardless of age, with genuineness and respect, as she recognises that trust and willingness are important ingredients for successful therapeutic work and better client outcomes.  Thus she strives to provide a safe and non-judgemental space where the client can feel understood and supported.  She communicates fluently in both English and Mandarin.


In addition, Jade has a passion for sharing knowledge.  She contributed a book chapter on ASD for Clinical Psychology in Singapore: An Asian Casebook, and has conducted various workshops and trainings on topics such as ASD, ACT, and psychological assessments for fellow professionals and members of the public.  She has provided clinical supervision for junior psychologists, as well as clinical psychology graduate students.  Understanding that therapy modalities need to be tailored to individuals and their environments, Jade has also previously led a workgroup that adapted and delivered ACT group intervention programmes to our local population.  Moreover, she is involved in several research studies and has presented posters at international conferences.  She was also awarded the Donald J. Cohen Fellowship Program of the IACAPAP 20th World Congress – Paris 2012.


For self-care, she enjoys baking, relaxing in front of a good drama series, exercising, and travelling.  Spending time with her family and loved ones is also important to her.  She has a lively and determined child who taught her compassion, acceptance, and distress tolerance.

Better Life Clinic | Pearlene Lim | Psychologist

Pearlene Lim

Senior Clinical Psychologist


MPsych (Clinical)

MSocSci (Psychology)

BSocSci (Hons)(Psychology)


When people experience severe stressors or rough patches in life, they commonly feel like their lives are unraveling. My passion is in walking alongside my clients on the journey of recovery, guiding them to develop healthier mindsets and habits so that they can have healthier and more positive views of themselves. I empower my clients, who include children, adolescents and adults, to overcome their personal challenges, know themselves as whole and complete, and to lead better lives.


I believe that each client has his or her own story to tell, with no single treatment approach being the best solution for every individual. As such, I adopt a client-centred integrative approach and have been trained in psychological assessment and a variety of evidence-based interventions, including but not limited to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).


My academic background includes a joint M.Psychology degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Melbourne and the National University of Singapore (NUS). I also have a M.Soc.Sci in Psychology and a B.Soc.Sci in Psychology from NUS.


In my free time, I enjoy embarking on new culinary adventures and doing dog training/agility with my lovely dogs.


Dion Lo Zhen Yu

Clinical Psychologist

MPsych (Clinical)

BA (Hons)(Psychology)


Everyone struggles at some point in their lives and it is my belief that everyone could benefit from having a little more support. It takes courage to step forward to seek that support, and I hope to be able to be of aid to these courageous individuals as they navigate through the challenges that life may bring.


I strongly believe in a transdiagnostic approach to therapy. I integrate elements from Schema Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in my therapeutic approach. Fluent in both English and Mandarin, I have conducted psychotherapy and assessments in both forensic and hospital settings. I am also proficient in intelligence testing, attention, memory and cognitive assessments, and personality assessments. I work well with clients from the young to the old, but have a special interest in working with children and adolescents.


I spend my free time exercising, studying coffee, and playing with my dogs. I also like video games, superheroes, and these are things I have always been interested in since I was a child. I believe we all have an inner child, one that requires consistent nurturance and guidance throughout our lives in order to forge resilience and improve our quality of life. Whilst some of us may have been fortunate enough to have had adult role models and superheroes during our developmental years, others have not. As such, I am a strong proponent of helping people gain emotional awareness and improve expression of their feelings, particularly children, to assist in their journey in living better.


I hope to have the opportunity to work with you, and that through our collaborative efforts, we can both be living better.

Loo Sook Ming

Loo Sook Ming
Principal Family Therapist 



MSc (Family Therapy)
B.Soc.Sci (Hons) (Social Work)
B.A (Psychology & Social Work)


Sook Ming graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Social Work from the National University of Singapore. She has worked in the restructured hospital for about 15 years, working with patients suffering from psychiatric illnesses by providing counselling and support to them and their caregivers in their journey towards recovery.


She was awarded a sponsorship, by the hospital, to pursue her master’s degree in Family Therapy at King’s College, London in 2006. One of her attachments was with the Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders Outpatient Service in the Maudsley Hospital. After her return, Sook Ming started to specialise in her work with eating disorder patients and their families.


In 2014, Sook Ming received the Healthcare Humanity Award that recognises outstanding healthcare workers who are inspirational role models for going the extra mile to offer care and comfort to the sick and infirmed. In the same year, she was also awarded the Health Manpower Development Programme by the Ministry of Health, to do her attachment at the Stanford University School of Medicine, USA, to be trained in Family-Based Treatment (FBT) for the treatment of eating disorders.


Sook Ming is a qualified family and systemic psychotherapist who counsels people with marital and interpersonal problems and coupled with her training in social work where the profession promotes social change, problem solving in human relationships and the empowerment and liberation of people to enhance well-being, she utilises theories of
human behaviour and social systems, to provide support to patients and their families who have difficulties coping with their emotional, psychological, social and care problems arising from ill health.


Sook Ming is also a certified Advance Care Planning (ACP) facilitator for General ACP and Preferred Plan of Care (PPC), where she can facilitate discussions with patients and their loved ones to help identify patients’ care goals and preferences for future medical care. She is also trained to attend to crisis work and provide support to grieving families of patients where death is impending.


Sook Ming is versatile; apart from being a family therapist in Better Life, she is also a locum medical social worker with Parkway Pantai Singapore where she does assessments for living organ transplants. Sook Ming is a registered Social Worker with the Singapore Association for Social Workers and she is also a registered supervisor with the association. She also enjoys teaching as an adjunct lecturer in Singapore University of Social Science and James Cook University currently.


Sook Ming is a mother of 2 and she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She loves travelling and baking. She believes that families are the fundamental building blocks of society and family is where we experience our biggest triumphs and our deepest vulnerabilities. It is where we learn to love ourselves and each other, and to feel the value of being part of something greater than ourselves.